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Lunch and Learn Facilitated by Beth Swain—“Being Silenced, Finding Voice”

On February 12th, Beth Swain (LPC), board member and therapist in private practice, facilitated a deeply moving and vulnerable talk on “Being Silenced, Finding Voice”. Beth started the talk by speaking to the feeling of being silenced. She acknowledged having always been fascinated by this topic once she realized she had kept silent about things. Many of us carry things for decades. Beth noted that she has often wondered why she stayed silent for certain things. Many of us as therapists have often had someone in our office tell us, “I’ve never told anyone this before”. Beth noted having always felt mystified by this question of “Why now?”.

A few years ago, Beth talked about seeing a woman in her practice who was weeks away from death, and wanted to share her story—things about her childhood that she’d never told anyone before. She said she wanted to tell these things, […]

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On The Theme of Vulnerability in Counseling

I am a year and a half into practicing as a therapist, and just month’s into a Master’s degree,  but I’m no stranger to therapy from the other side of the room. My father died when I was  six, and I’ve spent my life leaning into the supportive space of therapists, each one offering  something unique. One played chess with me as we talked about death at eight years old.  Another gave me the gift of letting me spill the contents of my over-crowded mind at  sixteen. Another, at nineteen, at the end of each session, would gently and sweetly ask what  I’d like to leave behind for her to hold. Now, I feel such regard for my therapist, she is like an

Lunch and Learn on Tenets of Existential Therapy, Presented by Founder, Bob Edelstein

On December 11th, Bob Edelstein, founder of Existential Humanist NW, presented about his passion for the EH perspective. Starting with an introduction to how he came to encounter Existential Humanism and therapy itself, Bob told us how he studied economics as an undergraduate student. His assumptions about therapy came from a culture centered on Freud and analysis. His feelings changed when he read Carl Rogers for the first time, and was moved by the idea that we are each the author of our own lives. Deeply resonant with this message as a younger man, his life’s journey has been about deepening and promoting this notion. 40 years into his practice as a therapist, he named he is still so passionate about it. He and his wife Maggie joke that he is the happiest person on earth she’s ever seen to go to work each morning.

Bob spoke to how existential […]

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