EHNW Friday Luncheon Presentations 2020-06-04T13:54:32-07:00

Lunch + Learn

See news of our next lunch + learn presentation below.

Since 2012, we’ve been pleased to offer our colleagues in the Portland counseling community a bi-monthly presentation on topics important to mental health providers and students.

The Power of the Event:
Responsivity in the Time of COVID-19

We are all undergoing a world historical event, the pandemic of 2020.

How are we as clinicians, in our different roles, responding to this disruptor, COVID-19.

Carol has been a practicing Gestalt therapist, and trainer in Portland for 40 years.

For the time being, all our activities will be held via webinar (Zoom)

Friday, June 12, 2020
1 PM – 2:30 PM
No charge for EHNW Affiliates

01:00 – 01:30 Introductions
01:30 Presentation begins
02:15 Question and Answer period
02:30 Presentation ends

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Below are some of our past luncheon presentations:

12/09/16 – Mari Alexander, LMFT – Neurobiology and Psychotherapy
02/10/17 – Robert King, MSW – Sexuality and Therapy Through the Lens of Process Work
04/14/17 – Michael Nagel, MA – Elements of an Authentic Life
06/09/17 – Barney McDowell, LCSW – Toward a “Model of Differentiating Dialogues” for Couples in Conflict
08/11/17 – Dave Fischer, PsyD – Psychotherapy in Integrated Primary Care
10/13/17 – John McManus, PhD – Einstein, Relativity, and Anxiety
12/08/17 – Donna Roy, MS, LPC – Mindfulness, the Body and Meaning
02/09/18 – Elliot Geller, LCSW – Ericksonian and Existential / Humanistic Approaches to Working with Men
04/13/18 – Michal Drabanski, LPC – The Injury in Narcissism: Harvesting Gems from Self Psychology
06/08/18 – Shannon Pernetti – What is Nondual Psychotherapy?
08/10/18 – Carol Swanson, LCSW – Dancing Cheek to Cheek with Maurice-Merleau Ponty: the intertwining of contacting, environment in the world
10/12/18 – Jessica Shaffer, LMT – Nervous System RESET: Understanding the Neurophysiology of Authenticity, Engagement and Relational Presence
12/14/18 – Eva Gold, PsyD; Steve Zahm, PhD – Exploring the Intersection of Buddhist Psychology/Mindfulness and Gestalt Therapy
02/08/19 – EHNW Board – Fundamentals of Existential-Humanistic Approaches in Psychotherapy: Principles and Practices
04/12/19 – Sasha Strong, MA – Contemplative Psychotherapy: Clinician Mindfulness, the Common Factors, and Carl Rogers’s Necessary and Sufficient Conditions
08/09/19 – Daniel Parker, PhD – Existential Analytical Approaches to Anxiety
10/11/19 – Ronald Johnson – Mindfulness, Addictions, and Yalom’s “Here and Now”
12/13/19- Ray Nelson – Down the Rabbit Hole: An Interactive Examination of Less Common Sexual Practices
02/14/20 – Elliot Geller, LCSW – The Richness of Humanistic-Existential Methodology and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy in Helping Men with Degenerative Neurological Disease