Existential Humanistic NorthWest Affiliates


Our diverse team of professional affiliates includes the following Existential-Humanistic mental health professionals and students located in and around the Portland metro area.

If you are interested in becoming a professional affiliate, please see Affiliation Opportunities above. Note that being added to the Affiliate Directory is subject to board discretion.

Kayla Birkeland

School Based Therapist
Office 921 14th Avenue Longview Washington 98632 Office: 360-575-7044 Office: 360-501-1389


Photo of Kayla Birkeland

I am a budding therapist and new to the field. I work in the middle school setting, working with kids, families, and the systems they are a part of to navigate and seek to offer support and healing amidst issues of poverty, addictions, and complex trauma. I deeply value the existential-humanist approach, and seek to cultivate a sense of awe and hope in all those who I work with. The philosophy of the existential-humanist approach resonates with the core of my being, and I constantly strive to make authentic connections with those I meet both professionally and throughout my day to day life. The thought that echoes most loudly in my heart and mind as I encounter each client is: “You are not a problem to be fixed, but a person to be loved.”